Logistical Layover

We arrived in Bangkok, which was our 3-day logistical layover to other countries in Southeast Asia, excited yet tired. We came with a loose plan so that we could be flexible and follow our hearts along the way. Our intentions while in Bangkok were to sort out our Burma visas and our plane tickets to Vietnam.

Although we had business to take care of, we explored the city and had the opportunity to eat three amazing meals. Khun James (our generous host, for whom we use the title “Khun” in order to show our respect), took us on the scenic route through his neighborhood to some of his favorite restaurants.

We had an amazing Thai lunch at Vista Residence Hotel, a family-owned boutique hotel; an incredible Indian lunch at a Sikh-owned restaurant called Bukhara (no website, but they are located at 121 Soi Sukhumvit Road), and a wonderful Lebanese/Egyptian dinner at a Muslim-owned restaurant called Al Nassr Restaurant (also no website, but located in the Nana district)…(we tried to have lunch at Al Nassr, but quickly remembered it was Ramadan since it was closed until sundown)!

All three restaurants offered beautiful and delicious authentic food, and all three provided service that was kind and amicable.

Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of this delicious food, as I was still figuring out my new camera and I accidentally hit “delete all.” The only food pictures I have from Thailand are of this local fruit – rambutan and mangosteen, respectively.

Rambutan & mangosteen fruit in Thailand
Rambutan & mangosteen fruit in Thailand

What I will take away from my all-too-brief time in Bangkok is that this is a city that boasts many cultures and many flavors, and the people are welcoming, gracious, and kind.

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