Interactive Cooking Classes


Whether you like to spend time with dear friends or get to know new acquaintances better, interactive cooking classes are a fabulous way to do just that. Cooking class parties are a great way to entertain when you want your guests to get a little more involved while having a lot of fun. We will plan a meal around your favorite dishes while you sit back, relax and enjoy time with your guests. Or, in the spirit of education and fun, you and your friends can have a blast learning how to prepare a specific meal of your choice by customizing your own culinary education party.

When company arrives, the students can enjoy hors d’oeuvres that I will have prepared in advance to accompany wine or cocktails. This type of party is meant to be just as entertaining as it is educational, and can range from a formal culinary instruction to an informal interactive cocktail party.

Every level of skill and interest is welcome.


Our initial meeting will cover:
* Event date/time/length
* Number of guests
* Theme or occasion
* Survey of party location
* General food preferences
* Culinary skill level of guests
* Level of interaction desired
* Rentals